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Major garden project

This large sloping garden near Godalming was the ultimate blank canvas for our designer.

From the outset extensive groundworks were necessary to form a large turning circle, extensive planted terraces and retaining walls. Large quantities of soil were transported around the site to achieve the desired contours.

The project extended over four years, in year one a large number of mature trees and hedge plants were imported from Italy, France and The Netherlands to create instant screening and a sense of maturity and proportion, under planting with a mix of shrubs and herbaceous plants were planted and new lawns laid. In subsequent years topiary and recently commissioned statuary provide extra impact and character to the garden. The Kitchen Garden is composed of a fruit cage, raised beds and a Chicken run.

The large areas of new planting trees, shrubs and lawns required a irrigation system to match, the system is able to deliver water from a dedicated borehole to all new areas via a large storage tank, a computerised control panel and distributed through state of the art, sprinklers and drippers.
In the last year on the outer edge of the garden a small fruit garden was planted and vineyard, comprising of 240 plants including 200 metres of post and wire supports.

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